Intervju sa David-om kreatorom Everything-a

Intervju prenosim u originalnom obliku:
> How did you get idea to make this great app?
“Everything” started off as a command line tool like locate on unix.
Having over a million files, an up to date list of these files was something I have always wanted.

> How much time did you need to bring it to this level?
3 years on and off since the first implementation.

> Are you planning to make some filtering by date of creation or size, or something similar?
Unfortunately this information can not be gathered or maintained efficiently at this time.
I do have plans to add the option to list recent files chronologically.

> What and when we can expect next version?
Unicode support
Multi language support
Include/Exclude lists
Much more…
These features are available now for testing in the beta version of “Everything”.
I am currently polishing these features before they are released.
My “Things to do” list is quite large now.
Some features I have plans to implement are:
Plug-in support
File content search plugin
Custom file lists for FAT/FAT32/Network volumes etc…
Custom search filters
Much more…

> Do you have any plans in making it commercial?
No, I would like to keep “Everything” freeware.

> Do you have some message for my visitors?
Hope you like “Everything”.
I appeciate your feedback and suggestions.

> Is there anything else that you want to add?
I am currently working on several side projects.
Some of these are a file categorization program and a graphical hard drive monitoring tool.

Kind regards,
David Carpenter

Hvala što deliš 🙂
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